Training for air spring suspension compressor knowledge and operations

On July 24th 2021, it is our pleasure to invite Professor Chan who is the leading engineer for the automotive after-service. He has over 20 years experiences oversea working on the luxury car service which is especially for the air suspension and the air compressor field.

At present, we got many questions from customers regarding air compressor installation. Some of them could not analyze the error code from the computer and repair it correctly. Instead, they inferred it was the air compressor cause these problems. Actually while we received the air suspension compressor and inspected it, there’s no problem at all. In this way, it is very necessary to ask the repair shop to provide the detailed information that they had and give them a failure analysis instruction to check back. This needs a professional knowledge of us to provide the service to our customers.


Professor Chan gave us full details of the common problems that may affecting the air compressors and the methods to check other relative components which might affect the air spring and compressors as well. Professor Chan invited us to car maintenance center to let us have a vivid impression about how the air compressor works and the job assignment between shock absorber & air compressor. Truly to say, though I sold a lot air compressors, it’s the first time to see colors of wires and pipes twisted under the vehicle frame. And if any of the inlet pipe disconnected , the whole air suspension system may get affected. Here is an example, one air compressor was a little bit noisy and the lifting function was inferior after installation, Professor Chan guessed it may the distribution valve problem in air compressor. Finally it turns out the spring in cleaning barrel was broken which caused the air compressor in bad condition, and finally we solve this problem successfully.

We got a fruitful day and expect the next course for the air suspension training.

Post time: Oct-15-2021